Friday, August 15, 2008

Things that I Need to Learn

Here's a little list of knitting tricks/techniques that I want to learn:
  • Entrelac - knitter's eye candy; high sexiness quotient
  • Twisted stitches - I think I understand the principle, but I've never actually tried designing with these. I love Barbara Walker's wrought iron stitch patterns from her Third Treasury.
  • Lace - more knitter's eye candy
  • Short rows in the round - Yes, I already know how to do this, but I hate how there's always a hole at the location where the short row section ends and the round begins again.
  • Increasing on the Wrong Side - I've been scared of it. Must pull out Montse Stanley's book and tackle it ASAP.
  • Sculpting with stitch patterns - I need to make an octopus with cables or twists. And a mantis or jackalope. Or a universe. Stockinette is killing me.
  • Knitting with wire - Toaster coils? Perhaps we'll begin with an un-electrified version first. I'll need to find some good wire, first. What about luminescent wire?
I'm sure that I'll think of more things to add to this list.

Here's what I've been working on: Mantises. My first solo show will open at the Joe Bar (Seattle) on September 3rd. Here's a sneak peak at some in-progress specimens:

It's an adventure making creatures that I don't have to create patterns for. I don't have to worry about reproducibility, among other things.

Just working the heads has been taking forever. September 3rd, here I come...